2024 General Election

Join Us and Be A Voter in the November 5th General Election

It’s critical we vote for all our Democratic Candidates on the ballot in November.


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Option 2: Vote On Election Day – Tuesday November 5th
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2024 Democratic Candidate Listing for All of Wayne Township
*Note not all candidates will be on your ballot, check your sample ballot.

President / Vice President
Joseph R Biden Jr / Kamala Harris

3rd Congressional District 
Delia Ramirez

8th Congressional District 
Raja Krishnamoorthi

25th State Senate District 
Karina Villa

28th State Senate District 
Laura M. Murphy

47th State Representative District 
Jackie Williamson

48th State Representative District 
Maria C. Vesey

49th State Representative District 
Maura Hirschauer

56th State Representative District 
Michelle Mussman

65th State Representative District 
Linda R Robertson

Clerk of the Circuit Court 
Candice Adams

County Auditor 
William “Bill” White

County Coroner 
Judith Lukas

County Recorder 
Elizabeth (Liz) Chaplin

6th District County Board 
Greg Schwarze

6th District Forest Preserve 
Rick Gieser

3rd District Appellate Court (Lytton Vacancy)
John Anderson

3rd District Appellate Court (O’Brien Vacancy)
Linda Davenport

3rd District Appellate Court (Schmidt Vacancy) 
Lance Peterson